Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Registered Trademark

Two steps backwards with no steps forward
Right into that hole you dug yourself a long time ago
Fill it with the salt of ocean sized regret
Become one with the shark
You don't have a choice
Your open mind has lured them to this spot already
Don't bother going for the eyes
They are already blind
They are already deaf
They can't smell a thing
They welcome you with open jaws
No counting chickens regardless of hatching
You've already crossed this road way too often
In a static image would you weep?
Or would a smile cower in your lips?
Show those pearly whites
This happiness with be your trademark
Branded like cattle
Be proud! tm

Honey, though I can feel every tooth embed my fragile flesh, it'll hold like concrete
Thanks for the support (beams)

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