Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time to Pack

They ask to remove the veil
But you can't if your not there
Stand silent, head bowed
We heard he called today
The man who gives you what you desire
Not I, who struggled in fire

Tar is hard to get out of

Cough your lungs and tear from smoke
The fears it does invoke
Dash silent, head bowed
You can't catch what you don't hear
Reach down as far as you can
Yet they still refuse your hand

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Quarry

"But it's a hole in the ground?"

These walls of stone scale heights we could never climb
But jumping would be done in a heartbeat
Take a deep breath and scream
The echos great you with warmth and hospitality
The damselfly greets you with a kiss on the arm
As you row in this abandonment of man
Trees in the depths, suffocated by an entire lake

Whoa, wha ah oh ah ooooooh
Whoa, wha ah oh ah ooooooh

As we sing Against Me! at the top of our lungs
The walls reverberate our voices
Shaking the water
Causing the fish the shift

We've come here to feel like nothing matters
All of our problems still on the edge
Casting stones with every effort
And not one making it near

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Flick the domino and begin the chain
One falls after another like a wave in the sea
Black and white, tumbling
Until it hits the ball
The ball flows among elaborate tubes
And rotating devices
Gently and swiftly gaining speed
More things are moved
More things are pushed
Needles are shoved into balloons
Thread is set a blaze
Until it releases the brick into
my open, gaping mouth
A clay face explodes into shards
I attempt to pick up the pieces
But I look around
And everyone else is already busy picking up theirs
I've tried helping before
But I haven't found my mouth yet

No one else can find theirs either

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Formal (Homecomming pt. 2)

My forehead is pressed against your door
My weight braced by my arms
The shadows even Carvaggio couldn't capture

Then suddenly my world falls

You open the door and I stumble into your arms
Only to look up and see the definition
Of surprised and concern
"I have been here for years!"
"Warm me with stories and company and alcohol!"
One finger you press to my lips
And set me down the couch
The fever shaking away from my bones
Till I close my eyes and sleep for the first time

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So what if I am at your door?
My hair clotted from the midnight rain
Clothes plastered to skin
Shoes becoming useless
I've walked what feels like years
My keys jingling all the way
My stomach rumbles
But I shrugged that off hours ago
How parting ways hurts like falling down stairs
Wake me from this coma
With the opening of your door
The warmth of the air melting icy hearts

We'll dance like teenagers who don't know any better
The way life needs to be cast aside more often

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Let's get this over with
My chest is bare
Waiting for these bullets to really sink in
But all that I can feel is the sweat on my brow
And I'm actually bundled in a coat
I haven't blinked in what seems a year
One in a million?
How about just one in one
But this one in one
Is missing those other millions
The colors are blurring their demands again
"Put us into words
You depend on it"

What is in my throat?
Feels like a stone.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It all starts with Crayola

Picture perfect on a decaying Polaroid
Forever capture a smile
Longing for a time where things were not so clustered
"But it's all a part of growing up!"
So we can not wish then?
For a paradise in which creation does not have to result in income
Where building what is beautiful
Is created for only such that purpose
Not for profit
Not to continue living in this pre-fabricated room
Not for supply, not demand
But to be as being is
Graphite on paper
Paint on canvas
Words on a screen
Spray on concrete
Notes for the ear
Never pausing because of what is required
For the grade, to be measured to others
Create to create
Or destroy to destroy
Or mingle the two

I will stand here and look you in the eyes
"I will do this"
"Do not ever try to stop me"