Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Quarry

"But it's a hole in the ground?"

These walls of stone scale heights we could never climb
But jumping would be done in a heartbeat
Take a deep breath and scream
The echos great you with warmth and hospitality
The damselfly greets you with a kiss on the arm
As you row in this abandonment of man
Trees in the depths, suffocated by an entire lake

Whoa, wha ah oh ah ooooooh
Whoa, wha ah oh ah ooooooh

As we sing Against Me! at the top of our lungs
The walls reverberate our voices
Shaking the water
Causing the fish the shift

We've come here to feel like nothing matters
All of our problems still on the edge
Casting stones with every effort
And not one making it near

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