Monday, February 16, 2009

It all starts with Crayola

Picture perfect on a decaying Polaroid
Forever capture a smile
Longing for a time where things were not so clustered
"But it's all a part of growing up!"
So we can not wish then?
For a paradise in which creation does not have to result in income
Where building what is beautiful
Is created for only such that purpose
Not for profit
Not to continue living in this pre-fabricated room
Not for supply, not demand
But to be as being is
Graphite on paper
Paint on canvas
Words on a screen
Spray on concrete
Notes for the ear
Never pausing because of what is required
For the grade, to be measured to others
Create to create
Or destroy to destroy
Or mingle the two

I will stand here and look you in the eyes
"I will do this"
"Do not ever try to stop me"

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